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And within minutes, I fall asleep.

2300 hours

A cup of warm milk on my bedside table

With that one book that I could never complete

0030 hours

Listening ghazals and sufi renditions

With eyes closed and my soul soaring away

0100 hours

Glasses perched on the bridge of my nose

With spreadsheets open on my laptop screen

0230 hours

Resting my head on my silk pillow

With binging a feel-good series on Netflix

0400 hours

Twisting and turning under the duvet

With idleness to solitude to unsolicited brooding

Cursing my insomnia

And staring at the unwrinkled sheets on your side of the bed


2300 hours

Resting my head on your shoulder

With your arms holding me firm and close

My cheek pressed against the warmth of your neck

Listening to the rhythm of your heartbeat like a lullaby

Syncing the frequency of my breaths with yours

And within minutes, I fall asleep.

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